About Me

Hello there! My name is Ha-Anh.

I am 28, and I live in the metropolitan city of San Francisco. I have lived in the San Francisco Bay area all of my life. I am a new home owner in this city, and my life is about living well in my environments, wearing and experimenting in lolita fashion, bunnies and good food.

I am traditionally and professional trained as an architectural designer. However, I have been an artist for my entire life and my own person *aesthetic* influences my work. I use my training as a designer to thoroughly consider the spaces I inhabit and design, and am always working on a project of compromise and function. With a boyfriend who majored in print making and  is an industrial designer aficionado, I receive constant critique and comments regarding my work. I have provided artwork for O-T-Tea & Disneyland Lolita Day. I have been briefly interviewed on NHK Kawaii with Sebastian Matsuda. I am also the current art director of the O-T-Tea Committee in San Francisco, bringing the SF Bay Area its own OTT themed lolita fashion event.

This year, I am currently working on a personal artbook, as well as new products for my brand Two Tarts and a Princess. All of my artwork is done as a side project,  as my career dominates my life heavily.